Jacob Mulquin

Banana Bread

Banana bread has to be one of the easiest things you can bake. It only takes a couple of ingredients and it's really good fun for the kids to get involved with making.



  1. Peel the bananas and place into a mixing bowl, mash them with a fork
  2. Melt the butter, add, mix
  3. Beat the egg, add, mix
  4. Add sugar, mix
  5. Add bi-carb soda and salt, mix
  6. Add vanilla extract, mix
  7. Add flour, mix
  8. Add honey and/or chocolate chips, mix
  9. Add to a loaf tin, coat it in butter
  10. Place it into the oven at 170c for 45 minutes
  11. Take it out and pierce with a knife, if it comes out clean it is ready, otherwise put it back in