Jacob Mulquin

October, 2021


After reading an inspiring essay about the importance of writing daily, I have set out a goal for myself to create a special section of this site dedicated to writing something each day. The writing does not have to be profound, nor does it have be particularly interesting, hell it doesn't even need to be good. The point is something is written.

I have recently discovered Food Forests and begun fantasizing about building one of my own. The main hurdle between reality and fantasy is the fact that I do not own property, I'm renting. I have been reluctant to go down that particular lifepath (the mortgage) out of fear of being unable to repay the debt and being overwhelmed by the sheer bubbly nature of the Australian housing market.

The thought of having a lush, beautiful and productive forest in my own backyard is incredibly appealing. I am not a green thumb by any measure (somehow my wife and I managed to kill a cactus that was a housewarming present), however this appeal has led me down a rabbit hole and I think I want to burrow deeper.


This morning has just been one of those absolutely "bleh" mornings. Instead of my usual jump-out-of-bed-at-5:30 to go for a walk mentality, I felt foggy and distant, sleeping in until 7:30. It's now almost noon and something just feels off, and I can't quite describe the feeling.

A brisk walk in the sun and wind seems to have abated the strangeness. Crisis averted!

We had some curried sausages for dinner this evening and had a friend sleep over. It was a really good night.


When I got back in the door at home this morning after my morning walk, I had a really good thought, but unfortunately it has been lost to the sands of time. Hopefully it will come back to me.

We had a delicious full English breakfast and today I'll be setting up the NAS before a BBQ this evening.

Setting up the NAS did not end up happening as I got sidetracked by some programming work. Nor did that really good thought ever re-surface. Here's to hoping it will randomly pop up one day.


I think I've discovered my groove with this whole daily writing thing. It seems like I'm most energised with my thoughts after I go for my morning walk. This morning I was thinking about how I have lived a life without a joy for telling stories. This was never a skill I cultuvated in childhood or adolescence, preferring to stick the sidelines and out of the limelight. Looking back I wish I took more risks and make more bold decisions. When I meet new people or I'm in a group I notice myself slipping back into my comfortable observer perspective, not adding input or helping conversation because I'm scared that my stories are uninteresting or unwanted. This is something I need to read up about.

In the afternoon I was thinking about the roadblock to my "My Waste, My Future" project. I was feeling dejected about not being able to reverse engineer the Kano Hat when I realised that there was another solution that I was ignoring due to an artificial limitation. When I had bought that Kano Kit, it also came with a Raspberry Pi that had Kano OS. I had not considered to just install the scraping script on the Kano itself and just use 2 rPis instead of making use of the Pi that runs PiHole. The Raspberry Pi does not use that much power and I'm not a strict practioner of minimalism so there is hope in sight for the project. I will run it on the Kano Pi and hook it up somewhere in my kitchen!