Jacob Mulquin

Microsoft 365 Cheatsheet

Some things I've learned while working with Sharepoint & Power Automate

✍️ Jacob Mulquin
📅 24/07/2022

This page will be a braindump for me to put any useful bits of information that I've figured out .

Get the Internal fields of all columns in a Sharepoint list

Go to the List Settings page and run the following javascript in the console:

let links = document.querySelectorAll('.ms-vb2 a');
let output = '';
links.forEach((link) => {
    let displayName = link.innerText;
    let internalName = decodeURI(link.href.split('=').pop());
    output +=  internalName + "=" + displayName + "\n";

Checking that a choice field has not been set

If you have a Choice field, it will be equal to null if no value has been entered.

Get today's date in a date formate considering your timezone

convertTimeZone(utcnow(), 'UTC', 'AUS Eastern Standard Time','yyyy-MM-dd')

Ensure the field is datatype Text.

Note: If you are updating a Date/Time field in Sharepoint you still need to use MM/dd/yyyy for it to be inputted correctly, regardless of the list's regional settings, e.g:

convertTimeZone(utcnow(), 'UTC', 'AUS Eastern Standard Time','MM/dd/yyyy')

Check that an array variable as not had anything appended to it

When an array is initialised in power automate, it has a length of 1.

Simply check length(variables('Your_array')) is greater than 1.

Strings and formatDateTime

Unfortunately, Power Automate will automatically assume that a string is in an American format when running formatDateTime