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Australian Fruit & Vegetable Seasonality

Because $9 per cauliflour is just ridiculous

✍️ Jacob Mulquin
📅 14/03/2022

I was at Aldi the other day and noticed cauliflours were $9 each. They were not large cauliflours either. Inflation has hit Australia hard. The price of fuel and basically everything in the grocery shop has increased at a rapid rate. Of course there are various factors but I'm not interested in sharing them here.

What I'm interested in is helping myself determine what vegetables should be in season, and therefore should be cheaper (as they don't need to be imported).

I did some searching and found a really good resource on the Sydney Markets website. I yoinked the data, converted it into some JSON, and whipped together some javascript. In the table below, only the fruits and vegetables in season for the current month are shown.

I would like to tell you I made this cool scraper & transformer but in reality I copy pasted each list of fruits and vegetables manually into a text editor and did a find/replace to convert them into array elements. Regex find/replace is incredibly useful and I encourage you to fiddle around with it.

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